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QRcode Struct Reference

#include <qrencode.h>

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Detailed Description

QRcode class. Symbol data is represented as an array contains width*width uchars. Each uchar represents a module (dot). If the less significant bit of the uchar is 1, the corresponding module is black. The other bits are meaningless for usual applications, but here its specification is described.

 MSB 76543210 LSB
     |||||||`- 1=black/0=white
     ||||||`-- data and ecc code area
     |||||`--- format information
     ||||`---- version information
     |||`----- timing pattern
     ||`------ alignment pattern
     |`------- finder pattern and separator
     `-------- non-data modules (format, timing, etc.)

Definition at line 310 of file qrencode.h.

Public Attributes

unsigned char * data
 symbol data
int version
 version of the symbol
int width
 width of the symbol

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